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EMF Home Inspections

Protect your Family with an EMF Inspection and reduce your family’s in-home EMF exposure by up to 95%. If you’re concerned that your home may be contaminated with EMFs it may be wise to have your home inspected. At the same time you can take the steps necessary to better understand this dangerous, insidious environmental toxin.

Using a proprietary methodology designed in conjunction with some of North America’s leading EMF scientists and experts, the consultants from EMF Solutions Canada can survey for and then remediate much of the harmful EMF energy in your home, thus reducing your ongoing exposure to this toxin.

EMF Home Inspections

A magnifying glass hovering over the words Inspection, centering on a house with the word Home inside itStop Dirty Electricity provides EMF (Electromagnetic fields) home, businesses, and school inspections, Do-It-Yourself Video packages, and Phone Consulting that will protect your environment from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

All EMF Inspections and EMF Testing are performed by XXXXX XXXXXXX, E.M.R.S. Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist.

XXX is one of only 25 Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists who are certified and practicing in the United States.

*Testing ALL of the below EMF Inspection Services are imperative.

Don’t be fooled – only use a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist!



Our detailed EMF Inspections include the following services: 
1. Testing 4 types of Electromagnetic Radiation:
a. Wireless / WiFi Radiation through the air
b. Electric Radiation on your wires
c. Magnetic Radiation on your wires
d. Dirty Electricity on your wires
2. Measure utility services entering the Home, Business & Schools
3. Performed with Commercial Grade, Calibrated Meters & Certified Measuring Devices


EMF Inspection, Testing, Analysis, Assessments & Remediation Solutions for:
1. Residential dwellings (4-5 hours)
2. Office suites & buildings (1-2 hours)
3. Classroom (1-2 hours)
4. Real estate pre-purchase, pre-lease or pre-rental (1-3 hours)
5. Post remodeling & post remediation (1-2 hours).


Our detailed EMF Inspections include the following specialty services: 
1. Create low EMF “Sleep Sanctuaries” for our clients.
2. Strategic placement of filters for Dirty Electricity.
3. Shielding of Wireless / WiFi Radiation, Cell Towers and Electric Radiation.
4. Product testing, development and purchasing assistance for shielding products.
5. Stopping electrical current from water pipes, gas meters, TV lines & telephone lines.
6. Detection and correction of wiring code violations that cause magnetic radiation.


– Our EMF solutions helps our clients to feel better instantly & sleep better that night.

– Many EMF Solutions can be put in place during the assessment at no additional cost.

–Requiring visit with certified master electrician or plumber to fix code violations.

The Gigahertz Solutions equipment we use for detection and measurement are specially designed for Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists. It is state of the art, the most sensitive available, certified and calibrated. When electrical or plumbing repair is required we can direct you to experienced and licensed contractors that are EMF aware.


– $99 and up depending on complexity and size.

– Contact us to voice your concerns and learn what EMF Solutions are right for your home, business or school.

– Call us at (514) 553-5879. Or click here to fill out our contact form.

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– Montreal, Quebec EMF Inspections – Including Laval, Outremont, Westmount, West Island, and Laurentides

–  EMF Inspections – Including ….. and surrounding areas

Travel and service to other locations is also available, contact us for more information.

The True Science of EMF protection

During our EMF Home Inspection we’ll measure for:
Electromagnetic fields – Using a Gauss meter and other scientific instruments we can find 60HZ EMFs in your electrical system that are primarily caused by damaged or poorly installed wiring that can create dangerous magnetic field “hot spots” in a home. Plumbing current, wiring and grounding errors are more common than one would expect, especially in older homes, and entirely correctable.

High-voltage lines, power lines and common items such as transformers, laptops and computers, CRT monitors, energy-efficient lighting and power cords can also produce strong electric and magnetic fields. Let us show you how to minimize the risk these devices pose to you and your family.

Radio frequency (RF) – This type of EMF is produced primarily by wireless devices and cell towers and travels through the air. We’ll measure for RF being emitted by near-by cell towers and from the new, popular “always on” DECT cordless phones, now banned in schools in parts of Europe. We’ll also look for EMF sources located in and outside your home, things such as pulsing cordless phones, wireless networks and PDAs.

Dirty Electricity – Using a special meter we can measure for a high frequency EMF called “Dirty Electricity” that may be contaminating your home’s electrical wiring. Dirty electricity has been on the rise as we continue to add electronics and energy efficient lighting and electrical devices to our household grids.

Many things in a modern home create this type of dangerous high frequency EMF including dimmer switches, computers, treadmills, TVs and entertainment systems, energy-efficient lighting and virtually all modern electronic devices. The EMF created by Dirty Electricity radiates several feet into a room, even when the electricity is not being used. We are capacitively coupled to this dangerous energy simple by being in a building.

The best way to reduce the amount of Dirty Electricity in your home involves the use of new, innovative filters. When installed properly these special filters have been shown to dramatically reduce much of the dangerous electromagnetic energy – much of it in the Radio Frequency range – that’s now being emitted from the electrical systems and from the electrical devices and appliances in many of our modern homes.

Graham-Stetzer filters have been proven in a number of scientific tests to greatly reduce a person’s exposure to this type of potent EMF with many who’ve installed them in their homes showing remarkable improvements in their overall health.

These “capacitors” short-out much (4kHz to 100 kHz completely, as tested by Health Canada) of the the dangerous high frequency energy riding on your home’s wires. Installing Graham-Stetzer filters has been proven in numerous well-conducted scientific studies to relieve or reduce symptoms related to Electrical Hypersensitivity while preventing exposure to this dangerous energy.

It usually takes a number, usually about 12-20, strategically placed filters to effectively “clean-up” the average house. Apartments and condos may require about 6-12 depending on several variables. Homes with low-voltage lighting, dimmer switches, electronic equipment such as microwaves, multiple computers, printers and plasma TVs typically require more filters as these devices put more dangerous high frequency energy back onto the electrical wires where, in turn, it is radiated throughout the home.

We install Graham-Stetzer filters at “no charge” for you during our home inspection, or can purchase them at our online store and install them yourself with help of our EMF experts.

Read Professor Magda Havas’ ground breaking research using Graham-Stetzer filters.

A complete EMF Consultation

Understanding EMFs can be difficult. After your home inspection our consultants will supply you with the latest scientific data concerning EMFs. They’ll explain to you how EMFs are produced, how they impact your health and how you can avoid exposure. Plus, you’ll also get a comprehensive list of important common-sense suggestions to help you reduce your ongoing exposure to this dangerous, new environmental toxin while at home, school and in the workplace.

After your EMF home inspection our knowledgeable consultants will discuss with you the options available to lower the levels of dangerous Dirty Electricity, RF emissions and other EMFs in your residential living environment.

A detailed EMF Report
You’ll receive a detailed report showing you where all the dangerous levels of EMF “energy” are located in your home – so you practice “prudent avoidance” and we can take immediate action if required.

Other corrective measures may be required where electricians or other outside contractors or the utility company may need be called in to deal with the problem. All of these areas will be covered in your comprehensive EMF home inspection report.

Protect your family, call 514-553-5879 or send us a message and book an appointment to have your home inspected for harmful EMFs.

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We are all exposed to harmful EMFs in our homes but you can reduce your exposure greatly with an EMF home inspection

To purchase EMF meters to check your home, school or workplace, visit our on-line store.