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Our vision is to inform the public about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on the human body. We provide solutions to limit exposure to electromagnetic fields radiation (EMF Radiation) to protect yourself, your family, community and the environment. We are working toward this vision by providing information and resources to address all concerns regarding the ever increasing EMF radiation exposure emitted by today’s technologies.

Professional world health experts offer evidence that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure at particular levels is harmful to public health, community and to the whole environment.

smart meter danger

In present time our earth has never been exposed to the overwhelming amounts EMF Radiation caused by these invisible & artificial radio waves created by the wireless technologies and microwaves of the late 20th and the 21st centuries. Decades of unbiased real scientific research support these risks caused by the growing EMF radiation exposure. The health effects from low ambient, “non-thermal” radiation from wireless technology is a huge growing concern every in the world. Many cities, provinces, states and countries have enacted political legislation that requires utility companies to install smart meters on every home and business. Smart meters emit EMF Radiation (non-thermal radiation) 24 hours a day.

Are you curious and concerned about the radiation generated from the smart meters which are being installed everywhere? This became a hot topic in our community. With the help of professionals in the field, we developed a digital smart meter shielding kit.  It reduces the amount of RF (microwave) radiation going into your home from the smart meter. RF-EMF, also known as “radio frequency electromagnetic fields”.  Waking up to the dangers of EMF Radiation in your home and hundreds of telecommunication cell sites along the country roads outside homes in all communities. Harmful health effects from the RF-EMF Radiation Basically communities of microwaves that constantly emit EMF Radiation.

Turning your microwave in the kitchen on full blast 24/7 with the door open all the time is like cell towers which transmit and receive the microwave that powers cell phones, smart phones, iPads, wireless computers, WiFi and now Smart Meters! The Telecommunications Act of 1996 in the USA states that the placement of a cell site may not be turned down based on “environmental concerns”, most often interpreted by the courts as “health concerns.”  No matter what studies had been done around the world showing the severe damage that thermal and non-thermal radiation does to our health, the wording in the very short “Section 704” of the Telecommunications Act prevents USA citizens from even discussing health concerns in a political forum.

I formed a group of concerned citizens to educate the community as to the law, the very un-American clause in Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act and its impact on each of us, and steps we can and must take to protect our health as much as we possibly can.  This plan has been a model for other communities facing similar cell site implementation issues throughout the country. We help many to become aware of the dangers of RF-EMR and offered advice as to how we can decrease exposure both inside and out of our homes. We offer local school groups education on the dangers of WiFi.

Our main concerning is when exposing our families and children to RF (microwave) radiation which interferes directly with the proper development of human brains. Extreme hazardous if child brain exposures occur before the age of 20, according to the latest epidemiological studies by Sweden’s Dr. Lennart Hardell. We now live in a wireless world, and it is becoming more apparent every day. Professionals caution that our DNA cannot adapt to the EMF Radiation emitted on our bodies as quickly as the technology is being developed and deployed.

Cell phones and similar wireless devices has no pre-market testing by the Governments of the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body caused by cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, microwaves, etc. Massive amounts of beaming radiation into our brains were have never been pre-market tested It is recommended to use  a landline phone over a cell phone or cordless phone most of the time. Use a special high frequency shielding paint at $350 per gallon in your bedroom walls to offset exposure from the in some cases cell tower across the street from homes, and smart meters for electric, gas, and water (3 separate meters!).

People are constantly exposed to RF-EMF. These meters don’t just read the meter and then send the wireless signal to a hub.  They are omni-direction and send out microwave radiation 500′ in every direction.  Look at the typical Canadian home that is only 10′ from your next door neighbor’s exterior wall.  Our neighbourhoods across the country are intertwined in this electromagnetic smog trap.

Since the emergence and importance for having a clean energy grid started circulating, we all needed to start shielding ourselves, our families and friends from the radiation emitted by RF-EMF smart meters.  To reduce your cumulative exposure to RF-EMF, yet allow the signal to still be read by the utility company we offer our EMF Smart Meter Shield and installation in Montreal, Quebec. When installed correctly the shield will reduce the majority of radiation going into you living space from your smart meter.

To achieve this reduction in EMF Radiation the shield redirects, absorbs and grounds the radiation. Read more about the EMF Digital Smart Meter Shields. For maximum health protection we recommend that all your neighbours around your home and neighbourhoods install digital smart meter shields. Speak to your neighbours.

Disclaimer: Concerned citizen share knowledge and resources. Be aware and make common sense reasoned decisions about your family health and well being.